Modi, Afghan envoy and the 'fragrance' of 'brotherly' India-Afghanistan ties

It is common for doctors and surgeons working in India’s National Capital Region to get Afghan patients

Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar Jul 03, 2021
Afghan-India friendship

It is common for doctors and surgeons working in India’s National Capital Region to get Afghan patients. Hundreds of them come to India every year for treatment. However, recently, when the Afghan envoy to New Delhi Farid Mamundzai shared his own experience with an Indian doctor, Prime Minister Narendra Modi couldn’t stop from joining the chat on Twitter.

The ambassador, known for frequently tweeting in Hindi, posted on his Twitter handle a memorable experience of interacting with an Indian doctor, to whom he had gone for medical advice.

When the doctor realized his patient was the Afghan ambassador, he refused to take his consultancy fee.

“When I asked him the reason, he told me that there is very little he can do for Afghanistan. He said he will not charge his brother. I was at a loss for words to express my gratefulness. This is India: Love, respect, values, and compassion. Afghans cry a little less due to you, and smile a bit more and feel much better," Mamundzai tweeted in Hindi.

On seeing his tweet, a resident of Haripura village in Haryana invited the envoy to visit the village. Mamundzay asked whether Haripura village was located in the west Indian state of Gujarat.

This is when Indian Prime Minister Modi, who hails from Gujrat, joined the conversation. Quoting the Afghan ambassador’s tweet, Modi said his experience reflected the special status of India-Afghanistan relations.

“What you have shared about your experience with a doctor from India gives the scent of the fragrance of India-Afghanistan relations,” Modi said in the tweet. He also asked the envoy to visit both Haryana and Gujarat. 


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