Tarun Basu in conversation with H E Tahir Qadiry, Acting Ambassador of Afghanistan to India

Jul 25, 2020

In a conversation with Tarun Basu, Amb. Tahir Qadiry, Acting Ambassador of Afghanistan to India, is hopeful of early return of peace to his country, the importance of ties with India, the value of education, improving the status of women, and the battle against COVID.

Amb. Tahir Qadiry is the Minister Counsellor and assumed Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Table of Content - 
1. Intra-Afghan Dialogue and Peace prospects in Afghanistan - 01:24
2. India's Role in Maintaining Peace in Afghanistan - 03:12
3. Afghanistan's Exports to India - 05:34
4. The Importance of Chabahar Port - 08:02
5. India's role in Afghanistan's Education and Women - 09:43
6. COVID-19 in Afghanistan and aid from other countries - 12:51
7. Afghanistan's Cricket Team - 16:18
8. Afghan Women - 18:19