Bollywood - What's next? | Amit Khanna, Filmmaker, Founder, Reliance Entertainment | 10Min with SAM

Oct 23, 2020

Amit Khanna, National Award Winning Filmmaker, Producer & Founder Chairman of Reliance Entertainment talks about his time working in the film industry and how he came to coin the term “Bollywood”. He even talks about the recent shift of cinema to online streaming and the reasons behind the lack of collaboration with South Asian countries in film.

Amit Khanna is a winning producer, founder chairman of Reliance Entertainment, former president of the Producers Guild of India, poet, lyricist, writer, director, and journalist. He is credited with having coined the name Bollywood.

Table of Contents - 
1. Early Life and the origin of "Bollywood" - 54:00
2. Online streaming - 04:46
3. Collaborations with South Asian countries - 08:17

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