Am I The Master of My Fate?

Am I the Master of my Fate

Ashok Sawhny Apr 05, 2021

Am I the Master of my Fate
Riddled, as I am, with constant doubt
Clinging to Hope for all I’m worth
A whisper, now my shout.

Am I just consoling myself
My own balm for my soul,
Am I just the sum of my parts
Or, am I really, truly, whole.

The Sun and the Stars
Seem to hang in the skies,
In a Nothingness we consider supreme,
We sleep through life
Or, most of it
Hopefully, living a pleasant dream.

I sail the Oceans
And, fly the skies
Not rowing my own boat,
And yet I feel
As , sometimes, I do
That I’m wearing the Captain’s coat.

Is that then me, the Master
Baton in hand
Running my own race,
No one there
Not even Father Time
No one setting the pace.

I wish I could
To that lucky lot
I wish I could
Compose, for myself
My life’s own song.

I am the Master
Yes, I am
Of what I can and do everyday,
But the Master I’m not
Of all things that
Willy-nilly, come my way.

No quarrels with those, none at all
That lucky lot
The Masters of their Destiny,
I’d rather have someone that I can blame
When solve I can’t
Life’s, eternal, Mystery.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at

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