SRK with Jawan movie poster

King Khan opens up a bold new space for Bollywood

The industry prefers a winning formula to creative exploration, particularly in big-budget films populated by rocking stars with fancy fees. Will that change from hereon with the success of ‘Jawan’? We have on offer a new path for Bollywood, a path that can use its huge and unrivalled soft power to drive home some significant messages of the kind and in a way it has rarely attempted in a big-budget extravaganza.

When the music died: Afghanistan’s performing arts fall silent under Taliban rule

The famed Afghanistan National Institute of Music, the country’s only music school, had to shut down its campus in Kabul after the Taliban's crackdown. It has temporarily relocated to Lisbon, Portugal, where 273 students, faculty members and staff have been granted asylum.

Audacity to play: The remarkable story of women’s cricket in Pakistan

That the writer is Indian and male makes this book all the more remarkable. Puthran has captured not just the state of the sport in Pakistan but also the social, political, religious and administrative challenges women cricketers here face at every step. 

Empowering youth for carbon neutrality: Making campuses living laboratories for Net Zero

India's pledge to attain Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2070, articulated by PM Modi at COP26 in Glasgow, UK  underscores the nation's determination to combat climate change. In this context, higher education institutions take center stage for moulding future-ready policymakers.

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Horses, rhinos evolved from strange hoofed animal in India: US study

Hoofed animals like horses and rhinos evolved from a strange sheep-sized animal that looked like a cross between a pig and a dog and roamed in India almost 55 million years ago., researchers have claimed

Kids' ideas to fight Covid turned into prototypes

A long-distance hugging device, a door handle that sanitises itself and a smartwatch that beeps when someone comes too close to you

US returns stolen antiquities worth millions to Pakistan

The United States has returned 45 stolen pieces of antiquities worth approximately $250,000 dating back to the Gandhara period to Pakistan

Education has given tolerance, patience to Indian Muslims: Filmmaker Kamaludeen

Popular award-winning Malayalam film director Kamaludeen, popularly known as Kamal, feels education has uplifted the Muslim community, which has largely led to the tolerance and patience of the community even in the extremely adverse conditions in which they are moving ahead

Bangladeshi author Shaheen Akhtar wins Asian Literary Award

Bangladeshi author Shaheen Akhtar has been awarded the 3rd Asian Literary Award for her novel Talaash (Mowla Brothers, 2009), which depicts the lasting suffering of Birangona women—survivors of sexual violence during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war

Syed Abid Hussain helps stranded Indians return home

More than 100 people stranded overseas have returned to their homeland thanks to the efforts of Syed Abid Hussain, 36, popularly known as Bajrangi Bhaijaan in real life after the Salman Khan-starring blockbuster

Pakistan receives 45 stolen relics from the US

A relic showing Gautama Buddha meditating under the tree of awakening was among the 45 antiquities that the Manhattan District Attor­ney’s office IN New York returned to the people of Pakistan this week

PM Modi praises Mizoram kid for her 'Vande Mataram' rendition

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extolled a four-year-old girl in Mizoram for singing a contemporary version of the national song "Vande Mataram"

Kashmiri youth shun terror, pick up cricket bats instead

Cricket is now offering the youth of Haphruda in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir new innings

Mumbai school students give novel push to celebrate 'Scientific Woman'

Science is often considered a male-dominated field, even though women have made significant strides in science

A Buddhist monastery on a Bangladesh hill: The monk behind it faces unsavoury questions

Coated in a gorgeous combination of red and golden amid the greenery of its surroundings, the one-storey structure with tiled floors, huge columns and a large throne for the founder Bhadanta Sharanangkar Thero in one corner is a sight to behold

Video calls, Whatsapp become new trial room for selecting wedding outfits amid COVID-19

With the easing of restrictions and decreasing fear of COVID-19, the people of Delhi are moving back to the markets to shop for festivals and the wedding season


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