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With non-state actors altering geostrategic realities, Underwater Domain Awareness is a strategic imperative for region

The drone attacks in the Arabian Sea recently are an indication of the high-tech means available to the non-state actors and it won’t take much time for them to acquire deadly underwater drones with explosives to carry out unimaginable attacks in a politically volatile IOR

How Indian expertise and BIMSTEC's traditional knowledge can transform underwater domain awareness for regional benefit

The talent pool that exists in the BIMSTEC - in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand - can be channelized across areas of data analytics, underwater domain (acoustic signal processing) and for field deployment.  Indian talent is known globally for its data analytics skills, and coupled with the underwater domain expertise, can…

A new perspective on Indo-Pacific security: Need for QUAD to develop Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) framework

India will do well to initiate the SWAMs and build a nuanced acoustic capacity and capability-building initiative nationally and at the regional level. The Security And Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR) vision of India will be better served with an effective implementation of the UDA framework on the ground.

China’s enhanced Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) strategy: A lesson for India and the global community

In the last decade, one has observed repeated and serious attempts by Chinese research vessels to collect data in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The year 2018, saw 24 research cruises by Chinese vessels in the IOR, whereas during the same period six other nations, including US, India, France and others, have undertaken only 26 such cruises in…