Col Anil Bhat (retd)

Col Anil Bhat (retd)

About Col Anil Bhat (retd)

The writer is a strategic analyst and former spokesperson, Defence Ministry and Indian Army

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Chinese 'research vessels' in Indian Ocean raises red flags in Indian maritime circles

Over half of these 'research vessels' operated in the South China Sea, but their growing presence in the Indian Ocean has stirred regional tensions and is a matter of growing concern to India.

Tri-Services all-women world sailing expedition from India prepares to make history

This historic expedition, the first of its kind, marks a significant milestone in India’s maritime history.

INDUS-X 2024 marks a new high in India-US defence industry cooperation

India-US defence cooperation has made fair headway leading to  INDUS-X which has initiated the information network and regulatory mechanisms to deepen defence technology collaboration that is poised to strengthen the bonds of US-India partnership, innovation and deterrence.

India's defence modernisation goes apace; but are China, Pakistan getting the right messaging?

While the Army, Navy and Air Force are doing whatever is required to maintain their battle effectiveness, there is a dichotomy that prevails in how New Delhi is dealing with China and Pakistan.

Exercise MILAN 2024 will demonstrate India's arrival as a naval power

This exercise which began with just four countries and has now reached a participation level of over twelve times that number goes to show the recognition of India as a naval power and as a regional maritime security provider.

India-France relations demonstrate a strong strategic bond

With both India and France supporting a multi-polar world order led by democracies, France has been a supporter of India’s claims to permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Recounting Indian Navy's1971 valour: Questions before the nation

With the spectacular achievements of the Indian Navy in the 1971 war under the daring and decisive leadership of Admiral Nanda, he could well have been considered for being made Admiral of the Fleet. As this involves rectifying past oversights, there are already precedents.

IAF set for critical replenishments to meet growing threats

Reportedly, a part of China’s dole to Pakistan in March 2022 was the multirole J-10C fighter jets which can be interconnected with their Chinese counterparts through the PLA air force's KJ-500 early warning aircraft.

India celebrates Navy Day commemorating its operational power and maritime history

Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day on 4 December to commemorate "Operation Trident", the Navy’s lethal attack on Karachi harbour during the 1971 war.

Tank tales of an Indian Army veteran

I approached the bund in second gear and as the tank negotiated it, I saw Deepak descending from the top in free fall, headed for Mother Earth, and disappearing under the tank while I reflexively pressed the brake pedal.