The Quest For Conquest

Eternal is the thirst within us

Ashok Sawhny Apr 05, 2021

Eternal is the thirst within us
To conquer all we see,
To be the Masters of all we survey
And, solve all mystery,

To be the little Gods we are
Replicate divinity,
To search the world and beyond
For, that elusive bird, Eternity

And, all because we realize
The wasted time, the futility,
The quest in question
Of no value, no true utility,

Faced as we are
By the lengthening shadow of mortality,
Time, takes its toll, friends
And, does so, unfailingly.

But, are we really looking to conquer Time
Or, just satisfy mind and soul,
To link the pieces of Life’s puzzle
And, somehow make it whole

And so, just make some sense of it
Else, ‘twud just be passing time,
How else do we explain to ourselves
To make our lives sublime.

‘Twud be no more than nights and days
No more than moments gone by,
No more than breaths that we take
As we stand still and gape at Time, fly.

Mortals, must eternal feel
The wounds of life to gently heal,
We know that Time will one day end
Thus, we look for Time to, somehow, steal.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at

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