Healing Power of Words

Let your words a melody carry

Ashok Sawhny Apr 09, 2021

Let your words a melody carry
A sweet refrain, as it were
Such , that they arrest a Nightingale in flight
To perch on the nearest tree
And, look within for its inner light
To match the likability
Of words, turned to

Let the winds carry the music afar
From the slopes of hills and valleys green,
Let your words be wrapped by gentle softness
Talismanic, in the extreme,
The ripples and gurgles
Of the close- by running stream
Imbibing, bits of the strain
That soothe
Both, the heart and the mind
Of each Passer-by
As, Time waltzes away

Let the echoes you leave behind
Find a place, a little corner
In every listening mind,
Let them portray You
When browsing through
The mist of Memory
As, one with solicitude,
Caring and, mostly, kind.

Let them touch, not pierce
The fragile strings of the Heart
The softest corners of the Mind,
Let them be as smooth as silk
As soft as velvet
Nothing else of any worth
Can we ever
Leave Behind.

Gentle words soothe and turn away
The harshest storms of Wrath,
Anger melts, in the face Reason
And, listening to another is never
An act of Treason.

Sweet and Gentle like the Sparrow
Words that never another, Harrow,
Caress the soul and leave unscarred
The heart, and leave no space for Sorrow.

Words that heal and leave no scars

Eternal, as are the shining stars.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at ashoksawhny06@gmail.com/ www.ashoksawhny.com)

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