Newly elected NDA leaders with Prime Minister Modi

Politics and governance in post-election India: Will a new coalition government deliver?

The panorama of the political landscape will change in as much that the BJP as a party may be more in focus than the persona of PM Modi. BJP, while keeping progressive policies and development on track, should use this opportunity to emerge from being a Modi-centric party.

Representational Photo (Photo: Xinuha)

Deepening Russia-China ties will impact South Asian geopolitics; India needs to remain vigilant

China, however, continues with its efforts to restrict India in the South Asian region. Pakistan is virtually China’s colony and in recent years China has redoubled its infamous endeavours to rope in Bangladesh in its area of influence. 

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi

Hasina’s India visit to attend Modi’s inauguration underscores significance of Dhaka-Delhi ties

The partnership between India and Bangladesh may get a lot of attention since it demonstrates a dynamic and evolving collaboration that goes beyond basic infrastructural assistance. A healthy and stable relationship serves both countries' interests and promotes peace and prosperity both regionally and globally.

Firing in Manipur Lok Sabha polling station(Photo: Twitter)

Will the general elections ease the bloodshed in Manipur?

It is therefore no surprise that in the recent general elections the people of Manipur voted for Congress for all three Lok Sabha seats. This was also because the Modi government kept painting a rosy picture of normalcy in Manipur and the prime minister, who is generally omnipresent across India, did not visit Manipur even once or even mention it.