Child marriages in South Asia (Representational Photo)

Child marriages in South Asia: Gross violation of girl rights that needs urgent regional attention

The persistence of child marriage in South Asia indicates the widespread failure of governments to address one of the most critical human rights issues. Effective legal remedies and ensuring accountability for those complicit in such crimes can be the panacea for such social ills.


G-20: India can seize the moment to give a new direction to multilateralism

India's leadership has already committed itself to exploiting the linkages between economic growth, gender equality, peace, and security and the use of technological innovations for universal benefit. India has championed the cause of low-income nations in the past — and it could now do so again.

Easter terrorist attack in Sri Lanka on April 21, 2019

How RAW and SIS had worked together to prevent the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka

Contrary to the bizarre story spun by Maulana in the Channel 4 documentary, Indian intelligence agencies, mainly RAW, played a pivotal role in monitoring IS movements in Sri Lanka. 

The Constituent Assembly

‘India’ or’Bharat’: Constituent Assembly debates showed reasonableness amid opinion divergence

The incongruity of “India, that is Bharat”, as given by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who drafted the Constitution, was pointed out by some members of the Constituent Assembly just as an independent India was taking shape.