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The author is a senior journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Hasina highlighted Bangladesh’s security strategy, Indo Pacific cooperation in Japan visit

Bangladesh expressed its commitment to walk alongside Japan, a leading creator of the QUAD alliance in the Indo-Pacific strategy, for the sake of a peaceful Indo-Pacific region.

From “land-locked” to “land-linked”: Reimagining Bangladesh-Northeast India ties

The concept of 'land-link' has already become operational. Credit is due to Bangladesh and its young foreign minister of state, Shahriar Alam, who has given a new dimension to ties between Northeast India and Bangladesh by showing the immense potential that can be exploited between the two countries by turning limitations into possibilities. …

Vaccine diplomacy and Chinese moves in South Asia: Can Beijing live up to its promises?

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal have joined the Beijing-led Platform along with Bangladesh. India, the largest country in South Asia, has stayed away, writes Swadesh Roy for South Asia Monitor

Much preaching, but little support for Bangladesh in the Rohingya crisis

Little help has been extended to Bangladesh to resolve the Rohingya problem. Even in international forums like the UN, no one voted for Bangladesh when it brought a resolution condemning human rights violations in Myanmar, particularly against Rohingya Muslims, writes Swadesh Roy for South Asia Monitor

With growing US interest in South Asia, can Bangladesh reduce its dependence on China?

For the first time, Biegun made it clear through his visit that Bangladesh has strategic importance. This is for the first time an attempt has been made by the US to engage Dhaka directly since China took several proactive measures to help Bangladesh deal with COVID-19, writes Swadesh Roy for South Asia Monitor

Nepal can choose to go the Bangladesh way or Pakistan way in dispute settlement with India

So, there are two examples in front of Nepal now; one is Pakistan, and another Bangladesh, which one will they choose? writes Swadesh Roy for South Asia Monitor

As corona rages in Bangladesh, opposition eyes opportunity

Leaders of the BNP and Jamat-E-Islami are thinking that the corona pandemic will totally change the political situation in the country and will help them seize power once again, writes Swadesh Roy for South Asia Monitor 

World leaders should join hands to save humanity

For the first time the world finds itself caught in the sufferings unleashed by COVID-19.  No one is safe from the virus which has impacted almost every nation on the planet

Bangladesh's economy will weather the virus storm

Despite these dark predictions, the main light in Bangladesh's economy is agriculture that is the largest employment sector. The government of Bangladesh has been highly successful in boosting the rural and agro-economy even during COVID-19, writes Swadesh Roy  for South Asia Monitor

Hasina first South Asian leader to announce virus economic package

The Bangladesh government is considering an extension of lockdown in the country as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise despite social distancing measures