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Japan-Australia military exercise in the South China Sea: Will it ease or exacerbate regional tensions?

The growing maritime competition between China and Japan along with the West will result in the growing militarization of the Indo-Pacific.

Hasina's Tokyo visit: Catalyzing regional and sub-regional connectivity

By establishing a bridge between South Asia and Southeast Asia, fostering closer interregional cooperation, and integrating Bangladesh into regional and global value chains, Japan's Bay of Bengal Industrial Growth Belt (BIG-B), an initiative for changing South Asia's economic outlook, can play a significant role in pitching Bangladesh into the…

Japanese PM's visit to New Delhi: Advancing the goals of a free and open Indo-Pacific in South Asia

India and Japan are already cooperating on the Bay of Bengal infrastructure development through their strong regional cooperation. Among these initiatives are the construction of LNG infrastructure in Sri Lanka, the building of pipelines and electrification in Myanmar, and the improvement of Bangladesh's road network.