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Closer Bangladesh-Myanmar ties have great economic potential - but Rohingya issue must be resolved

Enhanced bilateral ties between Bangladesh and Myanmar could contribute to the growth of trade and investment relations with ASEAN and BIMSTEC countries,  writes MD Pathik Hasan for South Asia Monitor

After PTA, Bangladesh and Bhutan can cooperate to solve regional issues, tackle Covid

Once the PTA comes into force, more people in Bangladesh will get access to good apples and oranges from Bhutan, while the fashion-conscious Bhutanese can choose from more varieties of quality apparel from Bangladesh, writes Md Pathik Hasan for South Asia Monitor 

Growing Bangladesh-Sri Lanka trade and investment ties have positive implications for the region

If a free trade agreement is signed, then only the sky would be the limit for Bangladesh-Sri Lanka business relations, writes MD Pathik Hasan for South Asia Monitor