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Sreeradha Datta

Sreeradha Datta

About Sreeradha Datta

The writer is Centre Head, Neighbourhood Studies and Senior Fellow, Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi

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Myanmar’s executions: A people let down by the world

The recent executions are an attempt to terrorize the people to move away from that path of dissidence and political activism, writes Sreeradha Datta for South Asia Monitor

A timely recall of radio despatches on the 1971 Bangladesh war

Baruah was the Director of External Services Division of All India Radio during 1971 and keenly followed the events of this period, including the precursor events in Pakistan

Modi visit to Bangladesh: Much to celebrate amid hard political realities

The Modi visit, as well as previous high-level visits on both sides, have without any shadow of doubt made these two neighbours secure a bilateral partnership that can potentially lead to a larger regional role with greater possibilities, writes Sreeradha Datta for South Asia Monitor 

India-Bangladesh waterway project will herald a new chapter in bilateral cooperation

This inland waterway route looks all set to ensure efficient and effective cargo movement between the two neighbours and herald a new chapter in bilateral cooperation in South Asia, writes Sreeradha Datta for south Asia Monitor

South Asia needs to pay more attention to public health; SAARC needs to pool health resources

What really jumps up from the plethora of information floating around is the lack of preparedness and lack of governmental attention to health care, especially in the overcrowded South Asian region, writes Sreeradha Datta for South Asia Monitor


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