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In a changing South Asia, India, Pakistan must reach middle ground to converge mutual interests

NGOs like South Asia Peace Action Network (SAPAN) and Aaghaz-e-Dosti deserves mention for relentlessly trying to end enmity and distrust between the two countries, writes Anondeeta Chakraborty for South Asia Monitor

Afghan women - and not Western 'civilizing missions' - will lead the path to change and their emancipation

Being oblivious to the history and traditions of Afghanistan, misreading the local culture, or a sickening obsession with 'Islamic terrorism' has always clouded the reality for the West, writes Anondeeta Chakraborty for South Asia Monitor

Augury of a 'failed' Afghanistan: Global sympathy should be with the Afghan people

So, what the future looks like for Afghanistan? In one word: hopeless, writes Anondeeta Chakraborty for South Asia Monitor

West Bengal can play a critical role in the success of India’s Act East policy

With the ever-growing presence of China in Southeast Asia, it would be injudicious to keep the economic and strategic prospects that West Bengal has to offer underutilized, and hostage to petty internal politics, writes Anondeeta Chakraborty for South Asia Monitor

Relevance of SAARC: South Asian nations are tied by a common culture and a shared future

Today, with the overarching presence of China in South Asia, if India has to hold its ground as the paramount power, it is imperative to keep the bilateral differences aside


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