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Indu Saxena

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The author is Senior Writer at the Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers.

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Closer Russian ties with ASEAN will be a rebalancing factor for Asia

Moscow’s worries about India’s tilt towards a closer partnership with the US will complicate its relations with India and create an imbalance in its ties with China and other Asian countries as well

A year after Galwan clash: India's stress on military modernization, strategic partnerships to counter China

India needs to deter China through a combination of its military prowess, discerning diplomatic action, and devising ways to become economically self-reliant with investment partnerships and collaborations with like-minded nations, writes Indu Saxena for South Asia Monitor

Despite uncertainties over Afghanistan, US-India ties will grow stronger under Biden

It is likely that under the Biden administration US-India relations will grow stronger and will have more routes to work on a range of issues -- free and open Indo-Pacific, restoring peace in Afghanistan, arms control, countering aggressive behavior of China and climate crisis with stress on multilateralism, writes Indu Saxena for South…

Come Home America: The implications for India and AF-Pak region

The withdrawal of the US forces will increase India's concern about the recapture of power by the Taliban and the use of Afghanistan’s territory as a safe haven for terrorists, writes Indu Saxena for South Asia Monitor

Modi visit to Bangladesh: A new turn to South Asia's complex geopolitics

The leadership on both sides has ushered a new chapter in India-Bangladesh relations. India is well-positioned geographically and industrially to play the role of a near-shore partner for its allies like Bangladesh, writes Dr Indu Saxena for South Asia Monitor


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