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China’s role in Sri Lanka and implications for India

To gain a strong foothold in Sri Lanka, China used the political weakness of the Rajapaksa family to sustain its corrupt and authoritarian regime by funding its electoral campaign in order to gain a strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean Region to marginalize India and other Western countries. especially US influence in the Indo-Pacific region…

China's military modernization and warfare strategy: Will 2024 be a watershed year for the Indo-Pacific and global geopolitics?

Keeping the warfare history and strategic culture of China in the Indo-Pacific region in perspective,  chances are high that there could be more short-term military clashes in the near future with India which will be more intense by nature, especially before India’s general elections in 2024, in order to influence India's political landscape…

Will CPEC add to Pakistan's growing challenges?

Political stability is the necessary ingredient for every country for weaving societal Integration. It is a prerequisite condition for economic development and establishing the supremacy of the law in the state