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Asif Rameez Daudi

Asif Rameez Daudi

About Asif Rameez Daudi

The writer is an educationist and faculty member of King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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India must take corrective measures to control hatred, divisiveness

In view of the growing trade and cultural ties between India and the Arab world, it will be disastrous if differences aggravate and no remedial and timely actions are taken, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor

75 years of Indo-Saudi diplomatic relations: Strong mutual interests reinforcing ties

Indo-Saudi economic ties have seen tremendous growth over time, writes Asif Rameez for South Asia Monitor

Attacks on journalists: Mediapersons in Pakistan on collision course with establishment

Pakistan has fallen six places - 139 to 145 - in the Reporters without Borders World Press Freedom Index since 2018

Can the UAE bring India and Pakistan back on dialogue path?

Had the Pakistan government had the moxie to act on recent thawing developments on the trade front, it could have given a golden opportunity for both nations to start discussions and dialogue, opening new doors to enhance bilateral, social, political, and economic relations, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor

India’s vaccine diplomacy: Earning global accolades, serving humanity

The grave impacts of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have been so humongous that it has caused massive human sufferings across the globe

Women’s empowerment: Synergise them to energize India as a nation

Indian civilization, undeniably, is one of the oldest civilizations in the world

India’s most bitter electoral battle: Will it be Battle of Plassey or Battle of Bengal?

The Indian state of West Bengal is known for its great composite culture, enthralling literature, and prodigious values

Ayodhya: A new dawn of communal harmony in India?

Communal or sectarian violence poses a serious threat not only to India’s secular and democratic spirit but also wreaks serious havoc on its economy, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor

Growing Indo-Saudi Arabia ties will amaze the world

The contributions made by the Indian community in the development of Saudi Arabia have always been appreciated by the Saudi government. Keeping in view the contribution of expat Indians, the Saudi government, irrespective of their religion, treats every expat Indian equally like its own citizen, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia…

Battle for Bengal: Can Mamata Banerjee survive the BJP onslaught?

The rapid growth of the BJP in West Bengal since the 2014 parliamentary elections can unquestionably be seen as a turning point in the state's turbulent politics, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor


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