COVID-19 & Education in USA | Ariel Pollock, Spokesperson, U.S. Embassy, India | 10MinswithSAM

Dec 05, 2020

Ariel Howard Pollock, Spokesperson, U.S Embassy, India talks about the regulations shift in regards to international students studying or planning to study in the U.S. She discusses the effects Covid has had on online education and how International students have adapted to this shift. She even lays her thoughts on possible policy changes that the President-Elect Joe Biden might make.

Table of Contents - 
1. Shifts in regulations due to Covid-19 - 48:00
2. Expected Policy Changes with Biden's Election Win - 02:14
3. Shift to Online Education due to Covid-19 - 03:46
4. Guidelines for students applying to American Colleges - 06:03
5. International students on virtual learning - 08:35
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