Anil Rajvanshi, renewable energy expert, rural technology innovator and spiritual thinker, speaks with Mayank Chhaya | SAM Conversation

Aug 06, 2022

With diverse global catastrophes caused by climate change across the world, India has the opportunity to play a decisive role to help reverse that. Significantly contributing to that effort is Anil Rajvanshi, a pioneering innovator, heading the Nimbkar Agricultural Institute or NARI in Phaltan, Maharashtra.
An inductee of America’s Solar Hall of Fame, Rajvanshi has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the IIT Kanpur and a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida. He has seven patents to his credit in areas of lantern, alcohol stove, biomass gasifier and electric cycle rickshaws.
Rajvanshi spoke to South Asia Monitor and Mayank Chhaya Reports over a wide range of issues, including climate change, rural innovation and whether India has the R and D depth to make a difference.