Nepal’s Supreme Court

Nepal’s Supreme Court’s judges revolt against Chief Justice facing integrity questions

Serious trouble has been brewing in Nepal’s top court after its judges on Monday refused to attend the meeting called by Chief Justice Cholender Shumsher Rana, who has been facing allegations of compromising the integrity of the judiciary

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2790 Nepalis faked documents to get jobs in Israel

The Nepal government had last month issued a notification announcing the recruitment of overseas job vacancies in Israel for trained caregivers and other jobs

Nepal’s foreign exchange reserves under pressure amid increasing imports and fall in remittances

Nepal's trade deficit increased by 70.6 percent, touching around $1.1 billion, in the first month of the current fiscal year as imports surged to  $1.278 billion and remittances fell around 18 percent to $466 million, putting pressure on the country’s foreign exchange reserves

Government shutdown ends in Nepal; Parliament passes revised budget

Nepali Parliament on Thursday passed the country’s annual budget which was approved hours later by President Bidya Devi Bhandari, effectively ending the government shutdown which lasted slightly over a week

Nepal government faces shutdown, budget deadlock continues

Nepal has stopped all government spendings since Wednesday as the government failed to pass the budget amid a political row with the main opposition party seeking suspension of 14 of its lawmakers who switched the party

Nepal PM heads 17 out of 21 ministries, struggles to expand cabinet two months after government formation

Almost two months after Sher Bahadur Deuba formed the government in Nepal with the support of a rainbow coalition of political parties, he is yet to expand his cabinet, drawing criticism from the public as he heads almost 17 out of the total 21 ministries

After China rebuff, US climate envoy Kerry pins hope on India for climate change funding initiative

US President Joe Biden's Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, is to visit India next week to launch an initiative for mobilising funds for battling climate change ahead of the UN climate change conference next month, according to the State Department

Protest erupts in Kathmandu as US officials visit for aid program

Thousands of political workers of different parties protested in Kathmandu, Nepal on Thursday when US officials visited the capital to hold discussions for an aid program under which Nepal is scheduled to receive $500 million in grants

In absence of justice for disappeared people, relatives knock on doors of courts in Nepal

Almost six years have passed since Nepal constituted a commission to investigate the cases of people gone missing during the decade-long Maoist insurgency that raged from 1996 to 2006

Incessant rainfall, landslides kill nine in Nepal, 90,000 affected

At least nine people have died and many were reported missing in Nepal as landslides and floods caused by incessant rainfall in the last three days wretched havoc in several parts of the country, affecting over 90,000 people

Nepal’s ever-growing social security expenses pose fiscal challenge to government

Resource crunch amid the pandemic forced the Nepal government to look for measures to cut its ever-expanding social security expenses, which touched almost $1.9 billion --roughly 30 percent of the total revenues-- in the last fiscal

Nepal received record $8.08 billion in remittances despite Covid-19 slowdown

Nepal received around a record $8.08 billion in remittances--the highest so far--in the last fiscal (ended in mid-July), recording a 10 percent growth in comparison to the last despite the Covid-19 slowdown

Nepal to launch integrated national payment switch in October

Nepal will launch its own national payment switch, designed to integrate multiple banks, digital payment vendors such as IPS, ConnectIPS, quick response (QR) code, and other digital ecosystem players into one system, enabling them to transfer funds

Nepal struggles to evacuate its nationals from Afghanistan

Days after the fall of Kabul, the Nepal government has been struggling to evacuate its nationals stuck in Afghanistan as the country lacks diplomatic channels and contacts there

Nepal to enforce smart lockdowns amid rising Covid cases

Amid rising Covid-19 cases, the Nepalese government has decided to enforce smart lockdowns in districts across the country, as the risk of a third Covid wave looms large

As third Covid wave looms large, Nepal reimposes night restrictions

Authorities in Nepal have decided to reimpose restrictions, including banning all private and public vehicles after 8 PM, as the Covid-19 cases rise again. On Monday, the country reported over 3600 cases and passed the grim milestone of the 10,000 deaths last week