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World Bank approves USD 3.51M grant for Bhutan for climate resilience and better public service delivery

Bhutan and the World Bank have signed a USD 3.51 million grant financing agreement to improve risk-informed decision making and development planning in targeted sectors, leading to better public service delivery

Bhutan to expand agricultural export market

Bhutan, which currently exports all of its farm produce to India and neighboring countries, has been making efforts to expand export markets for its agricultural produce

Bhutan’s Parliament approves International Solar Alliance membership

National Assembly, the lower house of the Bhutanese parliament, has approved a proposal for the country to become a member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in a move that would enhance the country’s solar power generation capacity to supplement its establishedwhat is  hydropower resources

Bhutan’s strict Covid regime creates shortage of construction workers; delaying pr0jects

The construction industry in Bhutan has been facing an acute shortage of workers, mainly exacerbated by the strict health guidelines put in place in the wake of the pandemic, as many contractors now fear delays in crucial ongoing projects

Japan to help Bhutan in digitally mapping country’s landscape

Japan will assist Bhutan with resources and technology to digitally map the parts of the Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, helping the government to better manage plans in fields like agriculture, land management, and disaster prevention

Bhutan considering vaccinating children aged between 5 to 11 years

The Bhutan government has been considering vaccinating children aged between 5 to 11 years after the initial trial results of Pfizer-BioNTech indicated safe and effective response in the group, media reports said

Bhutan signs agreement with India’s space agency to develop satellite

The Bhutanese government has signed an agreement with India’s space agency to jointly develop a small satellite. Under the Implementing Arrangement (IA), Bhutan’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) will be assisted by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Hydropower, Bhutan’s most valuable export, is likely to suffer production loss this year

Hydropower, which is one of the most important sectors of Bhutan’s economy, has recorded a 12.7 percent decrease in generation in the first eight months of the current year in comparison to the same period last year due to flow issues in various dams

Bhutan government scraps Five Year Plan, irks opposition party

The Bhutan government discontinued the practice of drafting the Five-Year-Plan - a practice that they had picked up from India which itself had discontinued them from 2014 - for development and resource allocations, a move that irked the main opposition party which said the decision would have “huge” implications

Bhutan considering third dose of Covid-19 vaccine booster next year

Bhutan, which has already fully vaccinated over 95 percent of its 18+ population, is now reportedly considering a third dose of Covid-19 vaccines as a booster shot next year, based upon the experience of countries like Israel and others which saw a significant rise in Covid-19 cases recently even after administering almost all eligible people with both doses

Bhutan to improve its agriculture marketing scheme

The lack of market access for agricultural produces is a perennial problem in Bhutan and the government has now decided to improve the market access system to reduce the losses incurred by farmers

Bhutan records no domestic Covid cases in last four days

Bhutan recorded zero Covid-19 cases from the community in the last four days--the first time since April after the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 hit the country, giving hope to the country for full unlocking

Bhutan tightens regulations for entertainment clubs, to check vulgarity and to keep society 'decent'

Entertainment clubs, locally known as ‘drayangs’ in Bhutan, have received an ultimatum from the Bhutan government to either reform their operations or shut down their shops as authorities believe--though they have no clear evidence--these outlets are becoming  shady joints for illicit activities

Virtually extinct in rest of South Asia, world’s rarest heron on the brink in Bhutan

The 2021 survey of the critically endangered white-bellied heron in Bhutan indicates numbers have fallen compared with 2020

Bhutan vaccinating children between 12 -18 years

Bhutan has become the first South Asian country to start vaccinating its children against the Covid-19 virus

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