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What the results of Elections India 2024 are telling us

The last ten years of BJP rule in the country have exacerbated social tensions. All sections of Indian society need reassurance not for the enjoyment of special privileges, except that which is provided in the Constitution, but in each citizen being assured of freedom from economic, social, or political discrimination on whatever ground. Otherwise, Indian society is faced with fractures which cannot bode well for the lasting unity that the country was born to. This is a challenge for the incoming government.

India-Bangladesh ties

Modi's third term offers unique opportunity to revitalize India-Bangladesh ties

As India assumes a more assertive role in regional and global affairs, it may look to Bangladesh for geopolitical support on critical matters such as maritime security in the Bay of Bengal and countering external influences. By aligning their interests and working together on these fronts, India and Bangladesh can further strengthen their partnership and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

Newly elected NDA leaders with Prime Minister Modi

Politics and governance in post-election India: Will a new coalition government deliver?

The panorama of the political landscape will change in as much that the BJP as a party may be more in focus than the persona of PM Modi. BJP, while keeping progressive policies and development on track, should use this opportunity to emerge from being a Modi-centric party.

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Deepening Russia-China ties will impact South Asian geopolitics; India needs to remain vigilant

China, however, continues with its efforts to restrict India in the South Asian region. Pakistan is virtually China’s colony and in recent years China has redoubled its infamous endeavours to rope in Bangladesh in its area of influence.