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75 years of Partition: 'Time to heal and repair relationships in South Asia'

Experience over the past 75 years has shown that despite the fraught and tense relationship, the common people of South Asia and in the diaspora easily establish friendships and bonds with each other whenever they get an opportunity, comments Dr Mubayi. The longstanding linguistic and cultural bonds between India and Pakistan still bind peoples together. 

Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF). (Photo: Twitter)

A new security threat emerges from Bangladesh's Chittagong Hill Tracts; wake-up call for three countries

KNF's suspected ties with Jamatul Sharqia and providing training to Islamist militants have added a new dimension to the country's violent extremism.

Remembering 26/11

Remembering 26/11: The challenges remain but have the lessons been learnt?

It is imperative to understand counter-terror responses for India must come from an effective processing of intelligence alerts, quick mobilization of first responders, and a unified collaboration in carrying out the required operations under a single command control.

Indian Muslims (Photo: Twitter)

The myth and truth about Muslim 'population explosion' in India

The phobia of Muslim demographic dominance remains the basis of Hindu right-wing politics. It is a potent weapon to create apprehension and polarize voters