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The author is a Trustee, NGO Nandini Voice for the Deprived

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Will 2024 be any different from 2023? Little to cheer about

The world has learned nothing in the year 2023 from the miseries suffered by innocent people due to wars and conflicts.

Delhi's annual pollution blight: Is an end to stubble burning in northern India possible?

The power plants, cement and fertiliser units, and chemical industries have to be encouraged to utilize the paddy straw for the production of manure, briquettes and ethanol. These units could be provided the responsibility and authority of cutting the paddy straw from the fields after paying a nominal fee to the farmers. The arrangement could…

Need to put an end to India-Canada friction

Justifiably, India and Sri Lanka are unhappy that the Canadian government is giving the freedom to operate to separatist movements in Canada and is keeping its eyes and ears closed to the violent objectives of the separatists.

Islamist terror attack in Israel: A warning signal to India

Prime Minister Modi has been among the first to condemn the attack on Israel and pledge India’s support to Israel in this difficult time. Modi has read the writing on the wall and appears to be of the view that  what has happened in Israel may happen to India too. 

Despite strained political ties, India must continue to do business with China

The conflict of interest between India and China on the political front is likely to continue for a long time to come, with China’s territorial greed being what it is.  However, business dealings between both countries must continue since such business is of mutual interest to both India and China.

Canada is at risk of losing its global identity as a peaceful nation

Canada gives a lot of importance to freedom of speech and action and some extremist elements see this freedom as license to orchestrate separatist movements in other countries from Canadian soil.  This situation has caused serious problems for other countries like Sri Lanka and India.

Global Biofuels Alliance: Still a long way to go

After much euphoria over green hydrogen and other alternative energy options, biofuel has gained worldwide attention with the launching of the GBA in New Delhi. While this is a good initiative, there are many hurdles in the way, and any thought that biofuel would become a total substitute for fossil fuel amounts to wishful thinking at this…

Before Uniform Civil Code, how about a Uniform Women Code?

In the proposed UCC now  being formulated, all aspects that are related to protecting the privileges of women should be  taken out and  included in a new Uniform Women Code.

A Uniform Civil Code will help Muslim women in India fight injustices

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  government has proposed a Uniform Civil Code for India where all citizens  would have the same law apply to their economic, social  and religious rights. If such a law were to be enacted, it would ensure that injustices done to Muslim women in India were wiped out in  one stroke.

The real meaning behind Modi's Hindu Invocations at new parliament inauguration

It is high time that every Indian, whether Christian, Muslim, Sikh, or Buddhist, recognize that India is essentially a country based on Hindu ethos, even as people belonging to other religions are at total liberty to follow their religious dictums.  Any objection to Modi following Hindu religious practices for inaugurating the new parliament is…