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N S Venkataraman

N S Venkataraman

About N S Venkataraman

The author is a Trustee, NGO Nandini Voice for the Deprived

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Ambani and Adani: Growth promoters or disparity creators?

To alleviate poverty, wealth generation is absolutely necessary and, in a developing country like India,  the task of wealth generation has to be accelerated as much as possible.

Should Indians have much expectations from Rishi Sunak and Kamala Harris?

It appears that some people in India think that Rishi Sunak being the Prime Minister of Britain and Kamala Harris being the Vice President of the USA would provide several benefits to India.  This can never happen, as they are not Indian citizens anymore.

Canada on a suicidal course: Giving a free run to South Asian separatists and terrorists could boomerang

The Canadian government is doing a very big mistake by thinking that such separatists and terrorist groups operating in Canada will not harm Canada but only other countries.

Energy security and zero emission targets in India: Are they contradictory goals at present?

Ethanol production from beet sugar should also be promoted in India in a big way as ethanol from beet sugar has even more advantages than ethanol from sugarcane as it is less water consumption.

Land acquisition for industrial/infrastructure projects in India: Need for a humane policy in consultation with state governments

It is high time that the Government of India creates a comprehensive policy along with a suitable compensation mechanism for acquiring land for industrial and infrastructure projects

New Education Policy in India: Frequent policy revision creating uncertainty, fundamental issues unaddressed

Instead of designing and announcing a new education policy every now and then, it would have been appropriate to bring some modifications to the existing system to the extent needed and from time to time, without tampering with the entire system

China's miscalculations can prove costly for Beijing

As the world is realizing, China’s words and actions are deeply destabilizing. There is bound to emerge a scenario where protests by people in different countries and territories that are sought to be occupied by China will become too hot for Beijing to handle

India@75: On right path, but some drags on growth

During the last eight years, Prime Minister Modi has elevated the quality of governance to a higher level  and has introduced several imaginative schemes,  keeping in view the requirement of the people at the lower economic level as well as the compulsive need to forge ahead in terms of technology and productivity

Are there viable solutions to India's impending fuel crisis?

Algae biofuel project and DME project are economically and technically viable and commercially proven technologies for licensing are available abroad

India should be pro-active in supporting the Dalai Lama

China has harmed Tibet, massacred innocent Tibetans and is occupying Tibet for the last several decades with a vice-like grip and suppressing freedom of the Tibetans


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