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N S Venkataraman

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The author is a Trustee, NGO Nandini Voice for the Deprived

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Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely

Sri Lanka should not go the way Pakistan has gone by almost reducing It to the status of extended territory of China

Governance in Tamil Nadu: More politics than economics?

The DMK government has also taken steps to collect gold, silver and diamonds in possession of temples and melt the gold and silver to augment the state’s financial resource

Rajaji: His support for free enterprise and opposition to state capitalism was proved right

It would be appropriate to celebrate the birthday of Rajaji - not just an independence activist, but a lawyer, writer and statesman - at least next year as a day of free enterprise

In repeal of farm laws, Modi showed statesmanship

With Pakistan and China wanting to fish in troubled waters in India, the Modi government has attempted to douse the fire by withdrawing the farm laws

Glasgow climate meet: A lot of tall talk - and deafening silence

The world climate did not become better after the Paris meet and it will not become better after the Glasgow meet too

Why did India not invite the Dalai Lama to the Kushinagar airport inauguration?

By denying the invitation to the Dalai Lama for the inauguration of Kushinagar international airport, it is obvious that  India wants to ensure that China is not displeased

India should recognise the Tibetan government in exile

By recognizing Tibet as an independent country, India will create a strong resistance in the onward march of China’s territorial ambitions and strategies

Pakistan needs a vibrant people’s movement that can marginalise Islamic extremism

A forward-looking government can certainly achieve this task of Pakistan remaining an Islamic country while simultaneously emerging as a progressive and peaceful nation

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governance is on the right track

The central theme of Modi’s governance - both as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India - is his undiluted focus on poverty alleviation, industrial and economic development and social progress

Will China learn a lesson from the 'terror attack' in Pakistan on its workers?

The Pakistan incident against Chinese workers is all the more worrying as Chinese personnel and technicians are working on various projects not only in Pakistan, but in other South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, as well as many African nations, writes N S Venkataram for South Asia Monitor

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