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N S Venkataraman

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The author is a Trustee, NGO Nandini Voice for the Deprived

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Modi should also espouse the cause of hapless Tibetans

Modi’s laudable efforts for world peace by trying to bring accord between Ukraine and Russia would be an incomplete exercise if he fails to espouse nearer home the plight of the Tibetans and highlight their pain

Modi, in his tenth year as PM, should launch a war on corruption and dynasty politics

With just around 12 months before the next parliamentary election, Modi has little time to lose in meeting the expectations of the people in eradicating corruption.

Should PM Modi be spending so much time campaigning in state elections?

The net result is that the valuable time of PM Modi, which should be spent on the governance of the country, has been sacrificed for winning an election in one state.

Pakistan needs to reformulate its priorities, mend ties with India to come out of economic crisis

The first proactive approach for Pakistan should be to restore peaceful, friendly relations with India. Prime Minister Modi is fully focused on developing India industrially and economically and a war with Pakistan would be his last option.  India and Pakistan are spending excessive resources on building their military warfare due to mutual…

To overcome economic crisis, does Sri Lanka need a little less democracy?

If the postponement of local body polls means less democracy for some time, let it be so, and it is in the interest of Sri Lanka.

Despite high-profile anti-corruption drives, corruption is rampant across India

While campaigns for honesty in public and private life by various sources have been taking place for a long time in the country, this has not seen any reduction in the level of corruption in India. The repeated catching of corrupt persons by the vigilance department has also not yielded many benefits as they are only the proverbial tip of the…

Who gained from India's ill-conceived demonetisation policy?

The net impact of the overall  Rs.32.12 lakh crore currency in circulation at present is that the benefit of demonetisation stands undone, resulting in a disturbing level of growth of a parallel economy and corruption in the country.

Is the world celebrating the new year in a vacuum?

The pre-conditions for the wishes on the eve of 2023  for peace and harmony to be realized is that the battle for the future has to be fought and won in the minds and hearts of the people.

Ambani and Adani: Growth promoters or disparity creators?

To alleviate poverty, wealth generation is absolutely necessary and, in a developing country like India,  the task of wealth generation has to be accelerated as much as possible.

Should Indians have much expectations from Rishi Sunak and Kamala Harris?

It appears that some people in India think that Rishi Sunak being the Prime Minister of Britain and Kamala Harris being the Vice President of the USA would provide several benefits to India.  This can never happen, as they are not Indian citizens anymore.


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