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Partition stories and intertwined histories: Beyond religious hatred and political rivalries

The nation-states of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh categorise their citizens by nationality alone, with no room for emotion or relationship. People are separated from each other through violent narratives and intractable borders.

Walking toward a new dawn? Why I took my teen daughters to Lahore’s Aurat March

An exhibition based on actual incidents of sexual violence had clothing hanging from clotheslines, a poignant reminder of what rape survivors and victims were wearing when attacked. Approximately eleven women are raped every day in Pakistan.

Channelling religion in the cause of climate justice: When faith actors combined forces with climate activists

‘Can Interfaith Collaboration Contribute to Climate Justice?’ -- the discussion was the fifteenth in the Sapan series ‘Imagine! Neighbours in Peace’.

Hockey, friendship, Partition, and the pangs of separation: Old Lahore remembered through a documentary

Every scene in this intimately filmed documentary tugs at the heartstrings. The pain of separation felt so palpable to me that I wept with the characters.