Crisis in Manipur (Photo: Youtube)

The crisis in Manipur has been brewing: Depths of discord in northeastern India

The danger is that the cracks in the Constitution are widening. The need of the hour is to find the true meaning of religion. A divisive agenda no matter how strong, will end up dividing the nation and enhancing a culture of division.

Imran Khan being arrested on 9 May 2023 in Islamabad. Photo: Muhammad Ibrahim via Twitter

Pakistan: The military versus the people

Since Pakistan’s birth over 75 years ago, it is the ‘establishment’ that has largely determined who gets political power and when to take it away. Out-of-favour politicians get disqualified from political office, imprisoned, or exiled. Some have been killed.

Indian Prime Minister Modi will be in Sydney next week (Photo: PIB)

India and Australia: A relationship whose time has come

The research strengths of Australian universities in areas such as cyber security, quantum computing, space technology, robotics and AI, critical technologies, public health, water, waste utilization, teacher training, low-cost housing, and solar power, to name a few, are all initiatives and aspirations that PM Modi has identified for India and which Australian universities are well-placed to collaborate on.

Karnataka elections 2023(Photo: Youtube)

Karnataka elections 2023: Defeat of hate in India

From the secular Bharat Jodo Yatra to the Karnataka elections, Indian civil society groups have played an important role. One does look forward to civil society groups committed to the rights of weaker sections of society playing a similar role in forthcoming elections to ensure that the country comes back to the path and idea of India envisaged by the freedom movement and the Constitution of India.