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Modi's Russia visit was to reaffirm strategic ties in uncertain times

The Moscow meeting was to understand each other's priorities and concerns according to the evolving geopolitics and reassure each other of their commitment to deepening their relationship in the coming years. 

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International education as soft power: Need for integration into nation’s foreign and security policies

A credible, viable, and sustainable foreign and security policy needs to see relationship building, collaboration, and cooperation as part of its education policy and driven by an aspiration for global good and human welfare. 

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The imperative of regional cooperation in South Asia

Today, the lack of regional cooperation in South Asia impedes development and has long-term negative economic, social and security ramifications. Over-reliance on foreign powers for partnerships and financial support can have adverse economic effects as seen in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

PM Modi held talks with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

Hasina's India visit is beneficial for regional stability and prosperity, China factor notwithstanding

India was keen to welcome PM Hasina before her China trip to ensure bilateral consensus on sensitive issues. Over the last several years, strategic ties have grown, with cooperation in science and technology, defence and security, energy, trade, commerce, and maritime issues. The goal of the visit was to strengthen these bonds.