The youth perspective: India's outreach to its diaspora youth

With the objective of providing a  platform for the Indian diaspora youth, GOPIO International organized a virtual session on “India’s Outreach to Diaspora-Youth Perspective” on Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Mar 17, 2021
Ambassador Anup Mudgal and GOPIO International Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham with selected youth presenters. Top row: from l. to r. Amb. Anup Mudgal, Dr. Abraham. Akshat Gupta; Middle row: from l. to r. Anjo Therattil, Abhi Parikh, Ananya Kotiyan; Bottom row, from l. to r. Vedant Gannu, Nithya Shenoy and Alicia Kaur

With the objective of providing a  platform for the Indian diaspora youth, GOPIO International organized a virtual session on “India’s Outreach to Diaspora-Youth Perspective” on Sunday, March 7th, 2021. Attended by youth and senior leaders of the diaspora from around the world, the event provided the participants a rare view into the youth and their perspectives on how the diaspora youth power can be utilized creatively for the benefit of India and the world.  One of the objectives was to identify youth leaders and supporting them in their efforts to be the leaders who could be a critical link between the Government of India and immigrant youth who are spread around the world.

In his introductory remarks,  Dr. Thomas Abraham, Chairman of the GOPIO International pointed out that, “India has the largest diaspora in the world and it is still growing. Currently, the Indian diaspora has a strength of over 32 million people.” 

Referring to the numerous initiatives that the Government of India (GOI) has taken with the objective of reaching out to the diaspora, Abraham pointed out to the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in India since 2013,  which showcases the fact that “India has great interest to reach out and cultivate its diaspora youth; it has several programs for the diaspora youth and exploring more avenues to outreach.”

Abraham said GOPIO International had organized a virtual session for Indian diaspora youth who are high school/college/university students as well as young professionals up to the age 25 with participation from different countries. “Today’s event is one such event to encourage the youth of Indian origin to aspire to be youth leaders and to help network youth from around the world with the youth in every GOPIO chapter around the world.

Top: Amb. Anup Mudgal and Dr. Thomas Abraham; Bottom Dr. Beena Ramachandran

Ambassador Anup Mudgal, special guest at the event, who had served as India's former Ambassador to Mauritius and Chair, Diaspora Research and Resource Centre, ARSP, New Delhi, said the Indian diaspora had excelled in every domain. “You have done very well. You also enjoy tremendous goodwill among the host nations. Diaspora plays an important tool of power as each of you is an Ambassador of India,” he said.

Suggesting that the “Engagement with the youth will be a regular phenomenon from now on,” he asked the youth to reflect and find answers: “What makes the Indian diaspora stand out? What are the characteristics that make us successful? What are the changes we need to make to shine more? While your Indianness will always be with you, you need to understand how does that helps shape your personality?”

The lively session attended by talented youth from the US and Europe was moderated by Dr. Beena Ramachandran of GOPIO CT. 

In his concluding remarks, Abraham promised that “After the session, all ideas will be pooled to make recommendations which two of the youth from the session will speak at a webinar organized by ARSP from Delhi in April, 2021.”

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