Indians in America

How Indian Americans can contribute to India’s development: Impressions from a US trip

What India needs to do is to create an enabling ecosystem to make these scientists and engineers feel welcome and perceive that their work can have a major impact in India. 

When cricket lovers came together to share in the American dream

As people from the South Asian diaspora find new homes in other countries, interesting questions about identity arise as their support is divided between their native and adopted countries. Or, perhaps in an ideal world it should not matter who they support as a shared love of the game brings all kinds of people together.

Indian national accused in alleged assassination plot against Khalistani in US extradited; US seeks full investigation from India

According to court documents, Gupta, who also uses the name “Nick”, is charged with participating in a plot with an unnamed Indian “senior field officer” to assassinate the leader of a “US-based organisation that advocates for the secession of Punjab state” and the establishment of a “Sikh sovereign state called Khalistan”.

India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York on resale market for $175,400!

ICC said that the demand for the  India-Pakistan match tickets at the 34,000-capacity stadium exceeded supply by 200 times.


United States and Nepal initiate moves for a child protection partnership

This will be the US government’s eighth CPC Partnership and the first with a South Asian nation.

Indian American scientist hoping to be first woman to jump from stratosphere

Swati Varshey has a PhD in materials science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has made over 1,200 jumps with a speciality in vertical freefall, according to

Two Indian Americans star - and clash - in Republican presidential debate

The only time India figured in the two-hour debate was when Haley rebutted Ramaswamy’s claim that climate change was a “hoax”, but said that to protect the environment “we need to start telling China and India that they have to lower their emissions” (even though an Indian’s greenhouse gas emissions are about an eighth of an American’s). Without mentioning his parent’s motherland, Ramaswamy said, “My parents came to this country with no money 40 years ago”. 

Pakistan-owned hotel becomes the unlikely hub of New York migrant crisis

Some of the migrants are housed in the nearly century-old Roosevelt Hotel, a city landmark owned by Pakistan International Airlines, while others are sent to other hotels or venues.

India tells Pakistan, designated a "Hunger Hotspot", to resolve its domestic problems first

Pakistan brings up Kashmir when speaking on any topic regardless of the relevance even though it ends up as a cry in the wilderness as hardly anyone pays heed. Khan acknowledged it saying that it has been “virtually abandoned by an indifferent international community”.

G20 Diaspora Forum in New Delhi to celebrate India's G20 presidency

The three-day event from August 22-24 at the Taj Mahal Hotel will convene influential Indian diaspora voices from around the world to deliberate on critical issues encompassing foreign policy, financial inclusion, climate change, gender equality, healthcare, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, sports, and trade and investments, and beyond. 

Indian-American Geeta Rao Gupta leading US delegation to G-20 women’s meet in India

With a Ph.D. in psychology from Bangalore University, she was the president of the Washington-based International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) for more than a decade.

The gift syndrome: What goes into a homeward-bound NRI’s suitcase?

Can a gift make up for a steadying presence at a doctor’s appointment? Can a ‘present’ make up for not being present? My parents have never once asked for anything

Bangladeshi-origin student's death: South Asian diaspora seeks justice and protection from racist policing

The relationship between South Asians and policing reflects both the racist structure of US policing and internal differences among South Asians in their experiences with policing. South Asians in the US are stratified by caste, class, religion, language, nationality, ethnicity, and documentation status.

Bangladeshi peacekeepers have played a stellar role in Mali's MINUSMA mission

A total of 139 people of the Bangladesh Armed Forces have sacrificed their lives and 242 people have been injured in maintaining world peace. Their self-sacrifice has brought Bangladesh acceptance as the leading peacekeeping country in the world.

International conference on Bangladesh seeks long-awaited UN recognition of 1971 genocide

The conference, presided over by Member of the European Parliament,  Mel Fulvio Martusciello, brought together 65 participants, including speakers from various fields, all united in their commitment to seeking recognition for the victims of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide.

Reservations followed Indian immigrants to US; Will Supreme Court judgement now give them reprieve?

The overrepresentation of Asians in coveted educational and employment opportunities has drawn the ire of social justice groups and activists, although they avoid directly speaking of them and often make it appear directed against Whites.

US Supreme Court affirmative action ruling may help South Asians

Three Indian, two Pakistani and two Hindu organisations had joined other Asian groups in filing a brief supporting the Students for Fair Admissions (SAFA) case against Harvard.

Modi in US meets parade of intellectuals, investors, health experts, scientists, musician

When Modi came to the Lotte Palace Hotel in midtown Manhattan, he flouted security to greet supporters deliriously chanting his name and dancing, while worried Secret Service agents and security personnel tried to put him in a tight physical cordon.

Indiaspora welcomes Modi’s historic state visit to the US

To further bolster the two countries’ relationship and to engage the global diaspora in envisioning India after 100 years of its independence, Indiaspora will be hosting a G20 Summit in New Delhi in August of 2023. This summit will bring together Indian-origin leaders from around the world to discuss geopolitics, trade and commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation, healthcare, philanthropy, education, arts and culture, and sports.