US indictment will be a diplomatic tightrope walk for Indian government

The indictment is quite explosive and has significant implications for US-India relations. 

Expat Bhutanese activists appeal to UNDP to mediate reconciliation process in Bhutan

Together we are trying to draw attention to the Bhutan refugee crisis while calling for reconciliation between the Bhutanese government and the diaspora.

Canadian PM Trudeau, in a diplomatic standoff with India, caught red-faced in parliament over political manipulation

The latest incident showed how easy it is to get Canadian leaders to back questionable causes and dubious personalities in exchange for votes or other forms of support.

2024 T20 World Cup in the US: Three venues selected

The Ninth Edition of the T20 World Cup will be held from June 4 to 30, 2024 with about 55 matches distributed among the three venues.


Modi in US meets parade of intellectuals, investors, health experts, scientists, musician

When Modi came to the Lotte Palace Hotel in midtown Manhattan, he flouted security to greet supporters deliriously chanting his name and dancing, while worried Secret Service agents and security personnel tried to put him in a tight physical cordon.

Indiaspora welcomes Modi’s historic state visit to the US

To further bolster the two countries’ relationship and to engage the global diaspora in envisioning India after 100 years of its independence, Indiaspora will be hosting a G20 Summit in New Delhi in August of 2023. This summit will bring together Indian-origin leaders from around the world to discuss geopolitics, trade and commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation, healthcare, philanthropy, education, arts and culture, and sports.

New York to make Diwali school holiday in city

“As the first Hindu-American and South Asian-American woman elected to state office in New York, I take special pride in advocating for new American communities, including those that celebrate Diwali,” Rajkumar 

Rahul Gandhi at Stanford: Pappu can’t dance maybe, but he sure can speak

Rahul G at Stanford was no barefoot messiah in a loin cloth but a dapper Nehru-jacket clad man with a salt and pepper beard who evoked images of truth and moral courage. This was a new Gandhi for a new age – opposing an old-fashioned autocrat who was allegedly subverting democracy and secularism. 

Indian American community discovers a reinvigorated Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi cast the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections in India as an ideological fight between those who believe in Mahatma's Gandhi’s message of love and peace and his “coward” assassin Nathuram Godse’s message of hatred and violence.

Indian diaspora in the Caribbean needs the right political impetus

It is about time that celebrations to mark Indian Arrival Day, whether in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Mauritius, or Fiji, take on a new format and a more scientific approach

Bill to make Diwali federal holiday in the US introduced

The bill says, “Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is an auspicious day celebrated by many South and Southeast Asian communities as well as religious groups including the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain communities”.

Top US military officer nominee advocate of strong defence ties with India

Brown has repeatedly spoken of the importance of defence relations with India for the US. He participated in the Cope India 19 joint India-US exercise in 2018 in Kalaikunda and Panagarh and flew an Indian Air Force Mirage 2000.

Terror, famine, human rights violations heighten global concerns over Afghanistan

Guterres described the situation in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today” with six million Afghans “one step away from famine-like conditions”, while 28 million “will need humanitarian assistance this year to survive”.

Did the US snoop on high-level India-Russia talks? Pakistani policy memos also leaked

It reported that in an internal memo quoted in a leaked document "Pakistan's Difficult Choices", Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar said that Islamabad  "no longer try to maintain a middle ground between China and the United States”.

Two Indian American women likely to occupy centrestage in 2024 US presidential campaign

It would have been compelling to see two presidential aspirants in Haley and Harris duke it out during debates. However, those encounters may have to wait for the foreseeable future.

India invited to join regional Quartet on Afghanistan that includes Pakistan and China

Posing a dilemma for India in joining a “Quintet” is that the four countries in the Quartet have the makings of a distinct anti-West grouping and two of them, Pakistan and China, are hostile to New Delhi.

Internecine warfare among rival Sikh gangs in California lead to mass arrests; officials say 'bloodbath' prevented

The official praised Sikh community leaders who condemned the violence and said the arrests do not “in any way reflect or represent a vibrant Sikh community that is such an important and vital part of the greater community in this region”

South Asians making their presence felt in American public life

Salahuddin believes that his home, America, provides the opportunity to bridge the divide left by a brutal Partition, ongoing Hindu-Muslim tensions, and the continual conflict between India and Pakistan.

US state of Georgia deplores academic attacks on Hinduism, condemns Hinduphobia

On the contribution of Hinduism, the resolution said, “Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, food, music, arts, and more have enriched the cultural fabric and have been widely adopted in American society and enriched the lives of millions”.