Aishani Jayasinghe, Colombo-based architect and social media activist, speaks with Mayank Chhaya, on the citizen's uprising in Sri Lanka | SAM Conversation

May 12, 2022

With rumors a coup sweeping through Colombo and Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa having fled to a naval base along with his family after resigning on Monday, life remains deeply unsettled in the Indian Ocean island nation. Staring into an abyss of debt and haunted by bankruptcy, Sri Lanka has been in the grip of a remarkable uprising by its citizens. One compelling feature of the protests has been young Sri Lankans rallying the country using social media. One of them advocating peaceful protests is the Colombo-born and based architect Aishani Jayasinghe. Throughout the weeks of the country’s ferment the 43-year-old Managing Director and a Co-principal architect at JAN Merkaba (Pvt.) Ltd., Jayasinghe has done her bit to keep the peaceful movement going along with thousands of others like her.