The congested bylanes of Old Delhi have a Gandhian hero | Reimagining India

Jun 17, 2022

Fondly called in his neighborhood the "Gandhi of Old Delhi", Mohammed Ahmed Saifi has taken up the enviable task of keeping his congested and gritty neighbourhood in the old city of Delhi clean. For the last six years, Saifi has been wielding a broom in his own hands in an effort to sustain his cleanliness drive. Fighting the stigma associated with sanitation workers, he is also actively involved in creating awareness on neighbourhood cleanliness, health and hygiene. An electrician by profession, Saifi now brandishes his broom with pride. He starts his day with the sounding of a whistle, calling out the residents to come out, and neatly dispose of their household garbage. The 62-year-old works tirelessly and shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to keeping the garbage and daily waste away from his immediate surroundings in the narrow lanes and by-lanes that characterise the old city.