Pakistan rattled at Indian security forces' success in Shopian

Rattled by the recent killings of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan reacted in a belligerent manner, through a media statement, calling them "fake encounters"

Aug 30, 2020

Rattled by the recent killings of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan reacted in a belligerent manner, through a media statement, calling them "fake encounters".

Pakistan also raised objections on the imposition of restrictions on religious gatherings and processions in Jammu & Kashmir.

Security forces had neutralised four terrorists in a gunfight in Shopian on Friday.

The police said two of the four terrorists who were shot dead were involved in the kidnapping and killing of a panchayat member linked to the BJP.

Just days back, Pakistan had rejected the charge sheet on the February 14, 2019 Pulwama attack. Its caustic statements and raising the old bogey of encounters, seemed to clearly betray the frustration of the Pakistan establishment and Army.

A statement by the Foreign Office also once again raised the bogey of an RSS-BJP angle. "The long communications blockade and Indian attempts to muzzle the media, including targeted campaigns against Kashmiri male and female journalists, are further illustration of how the brutalisation of Kashmiris continues to accentuate under the RSS-BJP regime."

Trying to once again raise the issue with the international community is a futile exercise as one year has passed since the abrogation of Article 370 and the Kashmir Valley largely remains peaceful. Pakistan also stands isolated at international fora and its own leaders have accepted this reality.

"It is also the collective responsibility of the world community, including the United Nations, to work for peaceful and permanent resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant Security Council Resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people for durable peace and stability in South Asia," the Pakistan Foreign Office said even while several attempts have failed miserably and India's standing in the world has only become stronger.

Earlier this week, Pakistan on Wednesday issued a statement that rejected the National Investigation Agency (NIA) charge sheet in the Pulwama attack. This was another sign of Pakistan's frustration as India named key Pakistan-based terrorists in it.

"Pakistan categorically rejects the so-called 'charge sheet' by India's National Investigation Agency, which mischievously attempts to implicate Pakistan in the Pulwama attack," said a statement from the Pakistan Foreign Ministry.

"The fabrications in the reported 'charge sheet' are patently designed to further the BJP's anti-Pakistan rhetoric and its narrow domestic political interests," it had alleged.

The statement read that at the outset, Pakistan had rejected India's baseless allegations and expressed readiness to extend cooperation on the basis of any actionable information.


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