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Bangladesh votes for humanity; Russia stood by us in the 1971 war: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh, PM Hasina said, didn’t vote against any country, but it stood for humanity

Mar 30, 2022
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina (File)

Russia stood by us in the 1971 Liberation War and we are sure with them, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Wednesday but added that she won’t accept if they (Russia) do anything “unjustified”, while defending Dhaka’s deferring vote pattern on the two UNGA resolutions on Russia this month. 

Bangladesh abstained from voting in the first UNGA resolution earlier this month, which sought to criticize Moscow, while voting in favor of the second resolution on 24 March, which blamed Russia for the humanitarian crisis and sought an immediate ceasefire.

“When there was a vote against a country (Russia) we didn't go for it, but when, the issue of human rights appeared in the second proposal of UNGA, Bangladesh voted in favor of it,” Hasina was quoted as saying by Dhaka Tribune in the Parliament.

Bangladesh, PM Hasina said, didn’t vote against any country, but it stood for humanity.

The Ukrainian people are facing suffering, and becoming refugees; children are also sufferings due to the war, Hasina said in her speech. "As the issue of human rights was involved, Bangladesh stood for it . . . It is very clear and none should have confusion on it," she added.

On Dhaka’s ties with Moscow, she said, “Russia stood by us in our bad time and we are surely beside the country. But, if they (Russia) do unjustified anything we don't accept this."

In the first draft resolution, she said, there was no issue of human rights, no talks of stopping the war, so they refrained from voting on the resolution.

Significantly, Hasina didn’t solely blame Russia for the war, and instead suggested other countries might be also involved in “provoking” the conflict.

“The war didn't begin automatically; rather there might be someone who is provoking and forced to begin the war,” she said, adding all have to see who is provoking the war and who is behind this war.


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