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L T Om Prakash

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The author is Associate Professor of Sociology at CHRIST, Deemed to be University, Bengaluru

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Student suicides in India: Kota is a wake-up call

What we see in Kota today is deeply rooted in middle-class aspirations for social mobility, considering meritocracy a fair and promising system. But, the ‘merit ladder’ for upward mobility is not equally tangible and accessible to all. The material, social and psychological resources available for these students depend on their social location…

‘India’ or ‘Bharat’ debate reflects postcolonial insecurities, not in tune with modern nationhood

India holds together not by ignoring diversity but by granting constitutional and ideational recognition to different ethnic, religious and linguistic groups. The word ‘India’ evokes and symbolizes a “we feeling” in the people's collective consciousness, derived from long-held traditions and pluralist imaginations. 

Is India’s populist surge a threat to liberal democracy?

The success of Modi’s populist campaigns in 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, followed by the majoritarian mobilizations and lurking use of repression, pose a serious threat to liberal democracy in India, writes L T Om Prakash for South Asia Monitor