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Nirupama Sekhri

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The author is a writer and educator

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Pop Art South Asia: A unique and irreverent creative collection of region's artists

It is impossible to take in the meticulously and painstakingly curated show, with more than 100 stimulating, multi-media works, spanning more than a century, in a single visit.

Arunachal: India's 'Land of Rising Sun' that borders three countries

Tawang on the western part of the border has some of the most spectacular sights in the state -- the Sela Lake accessed by hair-raising, winding roads; the surreal Sengaster Lake, made famous by the shooting of Bollywood film 'Koyla', and the Jang Falls -- plunging 100 metres

For a more harmonious and cooperative South Asia, India must lead by example

India with its huge numbers and relative political stability can play an influential role in the South Asian region, writes Nirupama Sekhri for South Asia Monitor 

South Asia's housing crisis: Yawning gap between slogans and ground realities

South Asia has an approximate population of 1.9 billion —about 23 percent of the world population — with a substantial number of slum dwellers and homeless, writes Nirupama Sekhri for South Asia Monitor

The unhealthy ordinance of 'Love Jihad'

The 'Love Jihad Ordinance' is antithetical in letter and spirit to an empowered, integrated nation constituted in 1947

South Asia's battle against Covid-19

On March 15, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a video conference with heads of SAARC nations to discuss a joint plan to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and proposed a Covid-19 Emergency Fund and setting up of a Rapid Response Team of doctors and health specialists

Japanese food has a growing draw in India

The two hundred years of isolation of the Japanese island between the 17th-19th centuries arguably engendered a unique and exotic culture that includes its distinctive cuisine

Shaheen Bagh: A corner of Delhi but a battle for the Idea of India

The Shaheen Bagh protests in the eastern periphery of Delhi has become a kind of mecca for many anti-CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) supporters


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