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For a few dollars more: Sri Lankan fighters in the Russian-Ukrainian war are symptoms of a deeper crisis

A report submitted by the State Intelligence Service ( SIS) of Sri Lanka to the country’s defence secretary indicates there are hundreds of Sri Lankan nationals serving on both Russian and Ukrainian fronts.

Sri Lanka needs to optimise advantage from China's BRI 'grand strategy'

Given its strategic location blended with the old maritime silk route legacy, China places Sri Lanka in the pole position of its maritime strategy.  

How RAW and SIS had worked together to prevent the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka

Contrary to the bizarre story spun by Maulana in the Channel 4 documentary, Indian intelligence agencies, mainly RAW, played a pivotal role in monitoring IS movements in Sri Lanka. 

Russian nuclear diplomacy in Sri Lanka will have wider strategic and security implications for region

Russia’s proposal to establish Sri Lanka’s first nuclear power plant comes on the heels of the completion of a similar nuclear power plant in Bangladesh, which has paved the path for Russia to play a larger role in South Asian geopolitics.