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Six years later, Bangladesh's Rohingya refugee crisis sees no signs of resolution

Declining funds, deteriorating camp conditions, growing insecurity, and the adverse impact of the refugees on the host community have made Bangladesh a desperate host looking to reduce the burden. This crisis is also destabilizing regional security.

Strategic significance of the 6th Indian Ocean Conference in Bangladesh

Against this backdrop, India has been promoting the idea of ‘net security provider’ in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). 

Bangladesh has become a role model for other LDCs

Prime Minister Hasina has repeatedly said that infrastructure development has been happening at a massive rate in Bangladesh that will attract foreign investors.

Bangladesh's help to Sri Lanka underlines need for SAARC revival

Covid-19 pandemic and Sri Lanka's crisis are the best examples for all member states to try their level best to revitalize SAARC, writes Dr Shakuntala Bhabani for South Asia Monitor