Mohammed Muizzu

A new 'great game' in the Maldives? Male's shifting sands a strategic challenge for Indian diplomacy

The Maldives has undergone a radical transformation. To see this as playing the India or China card would be a miscalculation. Indeed, the strategic narrative of what is going on is very different. 

Sri Lanka’s JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake in talks with with EAM Jaishankar in New Delhi

An emerging force in Sri Lankan politics may have wider regional implications

While the NPP’s visit to India exemplifies changes in its political understanding, it has an important dimension in Sri Lanka's domestic politics. New Delhi appears to have judged that the NPP coalition has the potential to play a decisive role in the upcoming presidential election.

Imran Khan, Army chief Asim Munir and Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan: Will it remain a democracy in uniform?

The Pakistani military went all out to deliver this vote. Its idea to have direct control of the political situation to what it comprehends will bring stability to Pakistan’s crisis may be a pipe dream with a fractured verdict leaving Pakistan open to elements that will only compound its instability.

Myanmar's Rakhine state (Photo: Twitter)

The Myanmar crisis is a worrying security challenge for Bangladesh and India

Rakhine's lack of effective government structure and civil order will continue to be a significant source of worry for the region, particularly in terms of humanitarian, security, economic, and political issues.


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