The intrepid Abhilash and GGR 2022 Episode I

The Intrepid Commander Abhilash Tomy & GGR 2022

The Golden Globe Race -  better known as GGR  2022 - is deemed to be the  world’s most challenging ocean sailing race and it entails  sailing  solo around, the around-the-world, through the three navigable oceans  (Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans) with technology restricted to that which was available in 1968. In other words,  the individual sailor has to navigate his/her boat by the stars and will not have access to modern navigational aids. This is extremely daunting and often dangerous, to say the least.

GGR 2022   started on September 4, 2022  and is expected to conclude around April 29 – depending on the weather.

The race which began with  16 participants has now come down to just three and one of them is a woman sailor from South Africa. These finalists have been at sea for  230 days (as of today)  – or seven months plus - in total solitude and with no communication. One of these doughty sailors racing towards the finish in France’s port village of Les Sables-D’olonne  is India’s  Commander Abhilash Tomy – the intrepid sailor who is out there with titanium in his spine.

The podcast will dwell on the intrepid Abhilash and his odyssey with the oceans as part of GGR 2022.

The panel includes former Indian Navy chief, Admiral Vijai Shekhawat and Vice Admiral IC Rao, a former Chief of Material at Naval Hqs. The moderator is Commodore C. Uday Bhaskar, Director, Society for Policy Studies. Thanks to Vaaka Media.

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