Invictus, is in the Spirit alone

Why does sweetness in sadness lie

Ashok Sawhny Apr 05, 2021

Why does sweetness in sadness lie

Why is catharsis in the gentle cry,

Is it needed to remind us, softly

Live, for one day you shall also die.


Why do petals fall one at a time

Hit the ground and mix with grime,

Dust thou art was not the soul

Prose is nice but Rhyme, is Rhyme.


All things are nice and beautiful

If the sparkle in the eyes is full,

If the heart beats to drums its own

And, if at heartstrings you do not pull.


All things in parts, nothing’s whole

The body dispensable without the soul,

The warmth of Winter lies in the hearth

But, try light the fire without the coal.


Strength we need in adversity

Lessons to learn from History,

Invictus, is the spirit alone

Not in temerity, not in audacity.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at

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