Embracing the New Reality

At the six month mark of forced isolation

Shalini Narang Oct 22, 2020

At the six month mark of forced isolation. 
Social distancing and some desolation.
Something that seemed like a short term necessity.
Ballooned into a global calamity.

This new reality has made me ponder.
Have forced distances, made us fonder?
What do I miss and want most?
Some companionship, a family visit, maybe a jaunt.

Do I want the old times back?
Not in its entirety.
Not reckless living and selfish gaiety.
But, to be a part of a thinking society.

Not a life devoted to oneupmanship.
But one of cherished companionship.
Life of thoughtful consumption.
Not blind, unending material possession.

I want to embrace this new reality.
Life on a slow lane above banality.
No more a world of only me and mine
But a life devoted to love for all and divine

No pleasures are for always and no sorrow lasts forever.
It's time for some more patience, reckoning, healing, and a new lever.

(The author is a senior software professional in the Bay Area, California, US. She can be contacted at snarang@yahoo.com)

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