Corona +VE

As we remain closeted in our room

Amit Bose Mar 26, 2020

As we remain closeted in our room
Surely, oh surely it's not all gloom.
There's got to be things
Which are Corona's !earnings.
At a time, when we are divided
Not just by borders
But religion, fanaticism & disorders.
Hatred, fights, animosity
Selfishness, greed and endless ferocity.
This is the time to sweep aside
All these emotions far and wide,
Delve deep, rise above the petty
Think of you, your family, friends,
Colleagues and the whole community.
What we could not achieve for long,
Something we should have done all along
Think of us as one large community
Corona has given us that opportunity.
What values of love and peace couldn't achieve,
That beautifully integrated fabric... will Corona weave!


(The poem's author is a senior management professional based in New Delhi who indulges in flights of creativity)


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