Integrated Mountain Initiative | P D Rai, two-term MP and President, IMI | 10Min with SAM

Oct 09, 2020

P D Rai, a former two-term MP from Sikkim,  talks about his education and training in India's institutions of excellence and transition into politics;  his role in the Sikkim Democratic Front that ruled the mountain state for five consecutive terms; his work with the Integrated Mountain Initiative IMI),  its objectives to better the lives of the mountain people of India and the challenges it faces amidst the climate change. 

P D Rai is the President of the Integrated Mountain Initiative and a former Member of Parliament from the Sikkim constituency of Sikkim, India.

Table of Contents - 
1. Early Life of Mr. PD Rai - 00:47
2. The Integrated Mountain Initiative - 03:05
3. Challenges for the IMI - 07:20

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