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Who really gained 'strategic depth' - Pakistan or the Taliban?

For a regime as isolated as the Afghan Taliban with weak resources at its disposal, acting against the Pakistan-based TTP is like giving up on the little leverage it enjoys so far. Furthermore, there is little indication of the group’s willingness so far to transform itself into an internationally accepted ruling regime by weakening its links…

Taliban bans poppy cultivation with eye on recognition and development assistance

Over the past four decades now, the poppy has become an integral part of the country’s informal rural economy, primarily due to the relatively stable income that it provides in challenging times

The interplay of caste and politics in India's most populous state

The recent trends in elections have shown undeniable evidence that women no longer remain passive voters, writes Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar for South Asia Monitor

Can the subcontinental deadlock be broken?

If the meeting of Indian and Pakistani officials—expected to take place next week as per a report in The Hindu– comes through, it will be a departure from the recent past as formal dialogue has remained frozen for almost two years, writes Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar for South Asia Monitor

Songs behind the veil, poetry on Twitter - Afghans go virtual in challenging Taliban’s tyranny

“We are keeping our Kabul alive, at least virtually,” Habib Khan, an Afghan journalist, now in exile, tweeted, asking people to join him in a Twitter Space to listen to "live music from Afghan artists, enjoy Afghan poetry and Afghan talks".

South Asia's divisive politics: Modi election speech stirs up an 'artificial' boundary issue between India and Nepal

India’s position on the boundary issue is “well known, consistent and unambiguous”, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu said, days after political parties in Nepal stoked a simmering territorial dispute in Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani, especially after Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned road construction in Lipulekh at an election rally…

Murals in the dead of night: Afghan women resist Taliban’s imposition of dark days

For Kabul, murals aren’t just paintings. It is also a general expression of protest, resentment against both their past and present rulers

Pakistan railways’ total losses touch $6 billion; political neglect, unprofessional heads, mismanagement behind slide

Once a lifeline for the people of the subcontinent, the part of railways that went to Pakistan now stares at a bleak future

Cross red lines at your own peril in Pakistan: Message to opposition and media

The Asma Jahangir Conference in Pakistan last week sparked a somewhat balanced and much-needed discussion on the issues concerning the country

In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, everyone, from journalists to ex-soldiers, are now street vendors

Until a few months ago, they were soldiers, officers, and media workers, and small businessmen and women--all serving and earning in places that somewhat, if not entirely, suited their skills


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