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Making sense of New Delhi’s restrained response to Bangladesh’s anti-Hindu violence

The recent widespread anti-Hindu violence will not make any difference to the bilateral ties between India and Bangladesh, said Dinesh K Patnaik, Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), calling the recent events “small incidents”

Afghanistan under Taliban: A contrasting picture of changed social and political realities

One and a half months in power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has already reinforced people’s feara about the return of the dark days of the nineties as the policies adopted by the group so far have offered few incentives to believe otherwise

Taliban’s IPL ban shows media and entertainment industry won’t be able to survive for long in Afghanistan

The Taliban, the new rulers of Afghanistan, earlier this week announced a ban on the broadcast of the Indian Premium League (IPL), the hugely popular and monetarily lucrative Indian cricket league, which is widely watched in Afghanistan as their star player, Rashid Khan, is part of it

A new street battle by Afghan women that Taliban may not be prepared to fight

The sense of losing everything - after a quarter-century of modernization and social progress - seems to have broken the Afghan women's fear of confronting the Taliban, writes Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar for South Asia Monitor 

Kabul moment: Desperate Afghans falling off mid-air from US plane - images to haunt America for decades

The defining moment of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan will be the scenes of the hundreds of desperate Afghans, chasing American military planes on the airport’s runways in Kabul, with some people hanging on the planes’ wings desperately and dangerously

Fears of a return to the dark days stalk Afghan women amid Taliban's advance

The forty years of protracted war has impacted Afghan society, especially women, in a way that has few parallels in human history, writes Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar for South Asia Monitor

What awaits Afghanistan: US in a bind

The Taliban made a major push into big Afghan cities this week, resulting in intense air bombing campaigns from the Afghan Air Force and the US forces in an effort to slow down the Taliban’s offensives

Herat emerges as the most powerful face of anti-Taliban resistance

Until a few days ago, it was uncertain if Herat, a western Afghan city encircled by insurgents from three sides, would survive the Taliban onslaught or not

South Asian countries scramble to vaccinate outbound workers to safeguard remittances

The pandemic has been a blow to countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan as all of them receive billions of dollars annually through remittances of migrant workers abroad

Afghan war, and its spillover effect, will singe entire region, including Pakistan and India

In stark contrast with Pakistan, which relied on hard power tools to pursue its foreign policy goals in Afghanistan, India opted for the soft power strategy --winning hearts and minds of Afghans by investing in common people through culture, building state capacities, and training and educating a new young professional Afghan class,