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The author a New York-based journalist, is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Society for Policy Studies

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India's remains world's fastest growing large economy

“India has become an alternative investment source or destination for many Western companies” he said.

Indian is first international UN employee killed in Gaza conflict

Kale, who worked for the UN Department of Safety and Security (DSS) joins the roster of more than 200 Indians who have died in the service of the UN.

US looking to boost economic ties with ‘critical partner’ India through IPEF

While most of the attention to keeping the Indo-Pacific region free and open has been focused on strategic issues, Venkataraman emphasized the critical role of the IPEF in boosting regional economic ties. 

UNGA votes to upgrade Palestine’s membership to special status; strong support from South Asian nations

More than 24,000 people, most of them women and children, have been killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza, from where Hamas launched the attack in which about 1,200 people were killed and about 240 were kidnapped.

Mahatma Gandhi invoked at UN to underline importance of press freedom

“We advocate for the strengthening of policies that promote free, independent, and pluralistic media, thereby fostering a vibrant and robust public sphere, a pillar of peaceful, just, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous societies”, they said.

Bangladesh to join non-UN international force in Haiti

Bangladesh is taking a bold step in joining the mission after the catastrophic end to the previous UN mission with military peacekeepers ended in 2017 amid accusations that Nepali troops introduced a strain of cholera from South Asia.

South Asia gaining in foreign investment as developed economies seek out India as an alternative manufacturing base

The report released on Tuesday said that in contrast to large swathes of the developing countries, “investment in South Asia, particularly in India, remains strong”.

India-backed landmark resolution on AI safeguards adopted unanimously at UNGA

The unanimity at the UN underscores the fears over AI’s potential to disrupt politics and society through deep fakes and spreading misinformation, and its more sinister capabilities in warfare, development of weapons and disrupting economies.

Pakistan, allies at UN, blocking Global South from getting rightful due at UNSC, says India

The Pakistani representative also introduced a strange element into the discussion, attacking the Council’s designation of international terrorists, claiming that the Council’s actions against terrorists are “arbitrary”.

India assails ‘disguised veto’ at UNSC anti-terrorism panel protecting Pakistan-based terrorists

China has repeatedly blocked the listing of Pakistan-linked terrorists as international terrorists subject to UN sanctions.