Akshat Singh

Akshat Singh

About Akshat Singh

The writer is Research Associate,  Society for Policy Studies (SPS).

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Omicron and vaccine inequity: How to fix a broken system

Covid-19 led to disconnected efforts of governments, severely damaging global supply chain linkages, now leading to Omicron strain, writes Akshat Singh for South Asia Monitor

A tale of two Modis and political doublespeak

PM Modi is trying to ace a fine balance between his domestic credentials and his global image

The Covid 19 crisis in India’s most populous state: Need for better data collection and management strategies

The suspected under-reporting in Uttar Pradesh is hazardous from an epidemiological perspective as it would stand against the state preparing for a targeted vaccination drive and a potential third wave, writes Akshat Singh for South Asia Monitor

India's agri reform: Will the new farm bills benefit its farmers?

Given that around 86.2 percent of farmers in India are small or marginal, all the activities require capital that they cannot afford without the middlemen. The bills in no way tries to create alternate credit mechanisms to aid farmers, writes Akshat Singh for South Asia Monitor

What ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement means for India and South Asia

The institutional murder of George Floyd achieved what even a global pandemic could not -  it created a furor against systemic inequalities in the United States that regularly devalues the lives of the marginalized


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