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Modi's third term offers unique opportunity to revitalize India-Bangladesh ties

As India assumes a more assertive role in regional and global affairs, it may look to Bangladesh for geopolitical support on critical matters such as maritime security in the Bay of Bengal and countering external influences. By aligning their interests and working together on these fronts, India and Bangladesh can further strengthen their…

Western media biases colour South Asia coverage: Need for greater journalistic empathy and objectivity

Despite the myriad challenges faced by Western journalists in covering South Asia, maintaining journalistic integrity is non-negotiable. This entails a rigorous commitment to fact-checking, corroborating information from diverse sources, and challenging ingrained biases.

Bangladeshi students protest Western hypocrisy over Palestine

In contrast, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islam, known as Islamist parties, are maintaining stone-cold silence over Palestine.

Is there a gradual shift in focus in US-Bangladesh ties?

The United States wants to keep the South Asian region stable, seeking to neutralize the overdependence of any nation on China. Bangladesh, because of its geostrategic position, is being lured to align Dhaka with Washington’s strategic objective for a free and open Indo-Pacific. 

Is US influence in world politics declining?

The struggle that the United States has faced to garner support for the Yemen campaign illustrates its diminishing ability to rally its allies to its causes. The lack of nations willing to engage in a war for US interests signals a shift in global dynamics. Even longstanding allies, such as Israel, appear less inclined to align with US policies…

Ekushey February: Embodying a nation's zeal for its culture and heritage

The whole world now recognizes the spirit and zeal for our culture and heritage. Bangladesh's people's sacrifices will be truly appreciated and commemorated when every nation imbibes the sense to pay proper homage to their linguistic heritage.

Spreading extremism in Pakistan has ominous implications for region

Al-Qaeda's strategic plan involves aiding "persecuted" Kashmiri Muslims once their objectives in Pakistan are achieved. Shifting the jihadist threat toward Kashmir will also align with the ambitions of the Pakistani military. 

BNP's miscalculation can prove costly for party and Bangladesh

The absence of a strong opposition can potentially pave the way for the ascendancy of authoritarian, dictatorial, or undemocratic forces within the country's political sphere.