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The Myanmar crisis is a worrying security challenge for Bangladesh and India

Rakhine's lack of effective government structure and civil order will continue to be a significant source of worry for the region, particularly in terms of humanitarian, security, economic, and political issues.

Red Sea crisis: Domino effect on Bangladesh and global supply chain

The protracted Red Sea crisis may hurt Bangladesh's exports, stoke inflationary pressures, and delay the recovery of the economy. Bangladesh’s apparel sector is highly dependent on the route, as nearly 70 percent of the country's clothes are exported to European countries

Bangladesh Army's stellar role in bringing peace and development to CHT

Local sources claim that multiple tribal terrorist groups are holding hundreds of thousands of people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts as hostages. These groups are active in controlling and influencing their areas through various sabotage and terrorist activities, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, attacks, and counter-attacks.

Bangladesh's participation in EU's Global Gateway Summit sends out a clear message

The EU recognises that emerging countries such as Bangladesh have a great need for cash for infrastructure development and it will be hard to turn these states away from Chinese influence unless they are provided with financial tools to meet that demand. 

Communal violence mustn't be employed as a weapon in Bangladesh's election

As Durga Puja approaches and the country's Hindu communities prepare themselves to embrace their beloved goddess, the leaders of the Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian Unity Council, a religious minority organisation, are concerned about a possible outbreak of communal strife in the nation.

Growing Indo-Bangla defence ties will have a significant bearing on South Asian security and stability

India and Bangladesh have welcomed initiatives to strengthen their maritime security partnership. A MoU for the establishment of a coastal surveillance radar system in Bangladesh’s Chittagong and Mongla ports has been inked.

Will BRICS create a new balance in the global order?

If BRICS can truly identify issues of larger common interest and move forward on the basis of consensus, it can become the new leader of the post-Western world order where the NDB will be the primary competitor of the World Bank and IMF.

International conference on Bangladesh seeks long-awaited UN recognition of 1971 genocide

The conference, presided over by Member of the European Parliament,  Mel Fulvio Martusciello, brought together 65 participants, including speakers from various fields, all united in their commitment to seeking recognition for the victims of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide.

A zero-tolerance policy has helped Bangladesh contain terrorism and militancy

Bangladesh's zero-tolerance policy against militancy is bearing fruit. So far, eight militant organizations, namely JMB, Shahadat-e-al-Hikma, JMJB, Hizbut Tahrir, Huji-B, ABT, Ansar Al Islam, and Allahr Dal, have been banned by the government. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's tough stance has made it possible to virtually dismantle the militant…

The US Democracy Summit is an instrument of power politics: A Bangladeshi perspective

India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Maldives are the four countries from South Asia among 120 countries at this year's Democracy Summit. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan were not invited, but Pakistan, one of the most authoritarian and corrupt countries in South Asia with scant respect for human rights, was invited.